About Lucy

Lucy Woods-Bruton

E.C.E (hons.), B.A., CNCP (hons.), LCM, QT®, YTT

Early Childhood Educator

Certified Holistic Consultant Practitioner

Quantum Touch® Practitioner

Intuitive Energy Practitioner

Crystal Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Yoga Teacher

Fitness Judge – Neutron Fitness & Sports Organization ~ Drug Free Sports & Athletes

Vegan Fitness Competitor – 2007 Canadian Natural Nationals Ms. Fitness Canada

2019 Readers Choice Awards – Platinum – Nutrition




Life Coach/Strategist






Surrogate Healing

Distance Healing

Spiritual Surgery/Medical Intuitive


Lucy’s Field of Study included:

Nutritional Pathology

Fundamentals of Nutrition


Human Anatomy & Physiology




Holistic Food Preparation

Fitness and Sports Nutrition

Preventative Health Care

Advanced Nutritional Research

Herbal Medicine

Nutrition and the Environment

Nutrition Through the Lifespan

Comparative Diets

Psychology of Disease

Professional skills Development

Lucy Woods-Bruton pictured left, twin sister Ann Woods pictured right.

Early Childhood

Lucy Bruton (Woods) along with her twin sister, younger brother and sister grew up in the Hamlet of Orono (east of Toronto) on a small Hobby farm with a firewood, lumber and shingle business, as well as roadside vegetable stand. Lucy’s family were original homesteaders/ pioneers who were self sufficient “living off the land” before it became on Vogue. Lucy and her twin sister Ann were born 2 months premature and were not expected to live. They were the first sets of miracle babies. The family subsided on harvesting the native plants from the property, including Morel and puffball mushrooms, sumac, elderberries, raspberries, fiddle heads, apples from the neighboring farmers field, and all the vegetables from the garden.

Lucy Pursued a career in Early Childhood Education with the YMCA of Greater Toronto, spanning over a period of 11 years working as a Nursery school Pre-School Teacher, School-age teacher, Extended Teacher, Day Camp Director, Family Resource Center Facilitator, Camp Counselor, Supply Staff and Volunteer. (contributing to the United way, accompanying groups of children pre-game at The Toronto Argos games, and Hostess at Art shows. During this time, Lucy studied world History, Anthropology, Native Studies, and Psychology and Sociology, graduating with a degree in Sociology from Trent University. Her focus was on child Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Crime Regulation and Deviance and Social Control, studying the likes of Michel Founcault and Friedrich Nietzsche.

Lucy then began working as a Supervised Access Facilitator and children’s services worker for the Durham Children’s Aid Society for four years.

Also, Enterphase group homes, Supply Teacher – PVNC Catholic During this time, Lucy began having first of her three daughters (all born 2 months premature at Lakeridge Health Oshawa) Lucy had always had a passion for health, exercise, sports, nutrition, and fitness, especially running and weight training. She began to focus her continuing education on Holistic Nutrition, graduating with Honours from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, followed by Live Cell Analysis Quantum Touch®, Crystal Therapy and Yoga.

Lucy has worked with Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors and Complimentary Practitioners in various clinics in the GTA for years. Following the birth of her last child, Lucy began suffering from major depression, having had suicidal thoughts from a young age, she finally talked to her doctor, after almost 40 years. She found a homeopathic formula containing three herbals which aided her condition. Lucy began working as an EA with children that had Autism and Behavioral Disorders with KPRD in 2010. Lucy now raises her three daughters and continues to grow her business, focusing on empowering individuals to live their best life through self care with Quantum Touch®, along with intuitive insight into diet and lifestyle choices.

Lucy began eating vegetarian during her pregnancy with her eldest, fluctuating back and forth from pescatarian, vegetarian and a period of carnivorous diet for about fifteen years before becoming fully vegetarian and finally vegan. It was originally an ethical and digestive health choice, but became an environmental and spiritual choice.

Lucy Focuses on giving back to the community and “paying it forward” to thank all of those whom have helped her along her journey.

Lucy Woods-Bruton pictured above, public speaking.

Lucy has been volunteering with and donating to various organizations for close to thirty years. These include The Untied Way through her YMCA eleven year employment, The Multiple Sclerosis Association for ten consecutive years, The Arthritis Association, YWCA, Rose of Durham, Bethesda House, Denise House, The Refuge Youth Hospital, Simcoe Hall Settlement House, The Canadian Cancer Society, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, Girl Guides of Canada, The Abilities Center, The Gate to Volunteer with The Visual Arts Center of Clarington, Bowmanville Creek Retirement Home and Lakeridge Health N.I.C.U.

Lucy’s education includes and Early Childhood Education Diploma, a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and Sociology, a Holistic Nutrition Certification, Quantum Touch® Therapy (similar to Reiki) and Yoga Teacher Training. Her employment includes Childcare, Supply Teacher, Durham Children’s Aid Society (Supervised Access Facilitator, Children’s Services Worker), Enterphase Group Homes, Holistic Health Care and private senior care.

On a personal note, Lucy Suffered with Depression since she was a young child, including Post Pardum Depression following her first child. She grew up with all forms of abuse and was not well provided for; thus, Her lifetime goal is to give back to others because of those who have helped her on her journey. Lucy does this by donating goods and her time and energy to those less fortunate.

“I would love to be that person whom you strive for, to make that difference in our community.” – Lucy Woods-Bruton


Fitness Competition

These are a few photos of Lucy Woods-Bruton competing in Neutron Fitness & Sports Organization ~ Drug Free Sports & Athletes.

Evening Gown Round

Bikini Model Round

Sports Athletic Round

Bikini Model Round


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